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We're Restarting the Cookouts! Restauranteurs, Reach out Below

What We Do

Partner With a Restaurant

Cook in their Kitchen

Feed an Orphanage, School or Slum

Angel Xpress Pic.jpg

The Nutcracker and Angel Express

When The Nutcracker opened its doors to us for our first cook I knew we hit upon something good! Nutcracker's founder, Annie, along with her amazing team of chefs, helped me cook up quite a storm in the back kitchen over 2 days…the menu included cheese and corn croquettes, penne arrabbiata and chocolate shortbread cookies! 
My cousin Malvika was super quick in identifying Angel Xpress as our first school host...hours of cooking (a first in a commercial kitchen for me!), a few cuts and lots of fun later, we landed up at their School in Cuffe Parade.
The experience is one I will always cherish, it was exhilarating to chat about food with these kids (many of whom had watched Masterchef) and watch them enjoy the food we bought them!
74 kids, many cookies and empty pasta bowls later don’t know who felt happier and more grateful them or us…

20-22 November 2018

NC Kitchen Pic.jpg

Cook #1


El Mercado and Mumbai Smiles

Our second cookout took place at much loved Spanish eatery, El Mercado. Vidur Kapoor and Pranaya Gidwani, the restaurateurs, were extremely proactive in joining our initiative and through amazing collaboration with the team at El Mercado, we cooked up a traditional Spanish feast of tortillas, paella and Arroz con Leche.
El Mercado already working with the amazing Mumbai Smiles Foundation helped us quickly identify a girl's high school in Saki Naka. The food was loved by the students and the teachers who especially enjoyed the paella. It was delightful seeing the girls enjoying themselves so much.
We went on to have a sort of Q & A session where we learnt how each of them had unique and amazing aspirations. Some wanted to become singers, dancers, doctors and even chefs! I just want to end with a big thank you to everyone from the chefs to the teachers and staff at the school. 

26-28 December 2018

El Mercado Team.jpg

Cook #2

Prabhadevi Cluster Pic.jpg

Tertulia and Prabhadevi Slum Cluster

Tertulia, the amazing multi-cuisine restaurant opened their kitchen for our 3rd m4m cookout. We worked with the restaurateur, Imrun Sethi and his chefs to come up with a menu. We decided on a scrumptious spaghetti Aglio Olio with chicken and a gooey chocolate cake. This cookout was extremely memorable as my squash coaches, Abhinav Sir and Abhishek Sir joined us in the kitchen.

We separated over 2 dozen eggs, melted chocolate and blended it into a delicious batter. The next day we were back and cooked up the spaghetti and topped off the cakes. We were ready to go! This time we went to a slum cluster in Prabhadevi, and as we reached, we could see the children eagerly waiting. It was delightful seeing them so happy.
We met Anju, I girl with a growth disorder that prevented her from gaining height or speaking properly. It was so sad to see her in that condition but she was still so happy. All the children took great care of her, it almost brought tears to my eyes to think that someone can be so happy with so little. 
I will always remember the children at this cluster who took care of Anju. I also want to say a massive thanks to Tertulia and especially the chefs who went far beyond and made us truly experience a restaurant kitchen.


15-17 May 2019

Terttulia Team.jpg

Cook #3

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