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the idea

The idea of M4M is to share our love for food meaningfully with other children who are not as fortunate as us. Moreover, M4M is about introducing the common people to some delicious but new-age food with new-age ingredients - the MasterChef way!


Care will be taken in our kitchen to experiment and sample these master recipes to make sure they are simple yet mouth-watering to suit the palates of my little buddies who are used to rather basic food, if at all!


I’m buzzing with excitement to see how nachos with creamy guacamole will crunch in their mouths and hopefully dazzle them with wonder. Or a black bean burger is interpreted by them as “ Arre, rajmawala vada pav hain!”. I’m drooling with the idea of making a slurrrrrpy noodle ramen recipe from Japan! A thousand possibilities, a hundred smiles and just a few simple but amazing recipes.

We started with the initial idea to cook at restaurant kitchens and launched the project in 2018, but as COVID-19 hit in 2020, we began the good food drive, a community-based project which has grown to something we never could have imagined!


Dev Dalmia

Founder and Junior Masterchef

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